Switches & Transformers

(All in good working condition)

Quantity        Item #                    Description                                                                Price Each

Ask                 722                         Manual Switches (set)                                                  $ 25.00/set

Ask                  722                        RH Manual Switch                                                          15.00/each

Ask                 722                        LH Manual Switch                                                           15.00/each

Ask                 722A                     Manual Switches (set)                                                      20.00/set

Ask                 722A                     RH Manual Switch                                                           12.00/each

Ask                 722A                     LH Manual Switch                                                            12.00/each

Ask                 720                        RC Switches (set)                                                            50.00/set

Ask                 720                        RH RC Switch                                                                 30.00/each

Ask                 720                        LH RC Switch                                                                  30.00/each

Ask                 720A                     RC Switches (set)                                                             45.00/set

Ask                 720A                     RH RC Switch                                                                  25.00/each

Ask                 720A                     LH RC Switch                                                                  25.00/each

Ask                 26760                    RC Switches (set)                                                             30.00/set

Ask                 26770                    Manual Switches (set)                                                       15.00/set


Transformers--All tested and in working order.  Ask for what we have in stock.







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