American Flyer


Miscellaneous catalogs and instruction sheets

Item #                        Description                                                                                Price Each

57558                         Directions for cow on track (photocopy)                                          $1.00

M2874                        Instructions for use of track cleaning car (photocopy)                         1.00

M2567                        Transformer instructions (photocopy- 4pages)                                    1.00

M3418                        Hook up & operation of automatic action cars (photocopy 1957)       1.00

M2447                        Instructions for #596 water tank (photocopy)                                     1.00

M2510                        Operating instructions for electronic propulsion locomotives                1.00
                                    (photocopy- 4pages)

Not Catalogued            Instructions for setting up and operating #591 crossing gate                1.00

M3438                        Operating instructions for #787 log loader (photocopy)                       1.00

M3158                        No. 1   50w Transformer instructions (photocopy)                           1.00

M3302                        Operating instructions for worm drive steam type locomotive               1.00
                                    (photocopy- 4pages)

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